Ashley Banjo’s Secret Street Crew

Fighting fire with fire!

05 May 2013

Ashley and the Diversity boys literally burn up the dance floor in the last episode of Secret Street Crew.

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Secret Street Crew: Tutorials

05 May 2013

Seen something you like and thought 'I want to dance with Diversity?' Check out these Secret Street Crew tutorials from the team.

Putting in a little faith

04 April 2013

Testing times awaited Ashley when he put his faith in a group of Bible study girls looking to spring a surprise on family and friends at their local church.

Be part of the Secret Street Crew!

04 April 2013

Sign up for your chance to be dancing like Diversity in the third series of Ashley Banjo's Secret Street Crew!

Mucking in with the farmers

04 April 2013

Ashley's had his work cut out as he tries to transform a group of beer-swigging farmers into slick street dancers!

Hard to orchestrate?

03 March 2013

The classical music and street dance worlds collide as Ashley Banjo teaches members of a youth orchestra how to bust a move.

Rugging up with the girls

03 March 2013

Next up for Ashley Banjo is a group of rugby girls hoping to banish the 'butch' stereotype. Can the Diversity leader bring out their sassy, sexy sides?

Secret Street Crew

03 March 2013

Facing his biggest challenge yet, Ashley helps a groom-to-be prepare a booty-shaking surprise...

Trailers: Secret Street Crew

This will be dynamite! Get a sneak preview of the Secret Street Crew trailer before it airs.

Ashley brings back the Crew

03 March 2013

Ashley returns to resume his mission to get the nation moving in a second series of Secret Street Crew

Dance tutorial: D Styles

Jordan takes you through the moves of the Diversity crew in this online lesson from Ashley street crew

Dance tutorial: Full performance

House, Popping, tutting and street floor work. Put them all together and what have you got?

Dance tutorial: Popping with Perri

Learn to pop like Perri as he shows you his personal moves inspired by new style hip-hop

Dance tutorial: House

Warren takes you through all things House to help you get your hip-hop on

Dance tutorial: Tutting

Get the moves like Mitch as he shows you how to strut your tutting in this tutorial

Ashley’s Secret Street Crew

12 December 2011

Master of street dance Ashley to turn the unlikeliest movers into poppin’, lockin’ and body shakin’ stars...


Master of street dance Ashley tursn the unlikeliest movers into poppin’, lockin’ and body shakin’ stars with the help of Diversity