Ultimate Block Party is on the road!

Ultimate Block Party will see Jordan and Perri do what they do best – teaching kids their best street dance routines, whilst throwing the ultimate surprise parties.

Since the show was announced, excited kids from across the UK have sent in their applications and Jordan and Perri can’t wait to get started!

They've also invited some of their mates to help with the party planning so expect cool music, crazy moves and a few surprises for the party goers.

Throughout the series, Jordan and Perri will help to decide the theme of the parties, as they put performers through their paces during intense dance rehearsals.

Not only will the headline act be put to the test, but guests will also get a chance to show off their signature moves – but with no dad dancing allowed!

And not forgetting you at home, who can learn step-by-step some of Jordan and Perri’s routines.

Jordan & Perri's Ultimate Block Party starts Friday 7th June, 6:30pm on Nickelodeon. Stay tuned to for all the latest news.