Secret Street Crew: Tutorials

Episode one: The Swindon Wedding Party

Want to learn some ace new street moves with Warren and groomsman Liam? Watch the video as we get to grips with another awesome routine from episode one. Warning: It's not as easy as it seems!

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Episode two: The Rugby Girls

Pick up some new moves from episode two with Jordan and Pip, star of Rugby Revolution. Make sure you limber up first, this rugger girl will put you through your paces!

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Episode three: The Youth Orchestra

Terry takes you through some smooth moves seen in episode three with help from the Youth Orchestra musician Ethan.

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Episode four: The Farmers

Grab your sneakers and your snapback as Jordan and Farmer Matt take you through a part of the routine from the farmer episode - so you can try out the dance yourself at home.

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Episode five: The Bible Girls

Our very own Perri joins Hayet from the Bible group as they teach you some steps from the fifth episode of Secret Street Crew.

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Episode six 

Terry gets teaching in this tutorial with a bit of help from Estate Agent crew member Lee from episode six.

Episode seven

This week, Perri and the Brass Band's Mel from episode seven lend a hand to get your feet moving, so grab your brass and get ready to learn!

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Episode eight

In the last of the series, Warren gets his very own teaching assistant to teach you the newest moves.

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