Hard to orchestrate?

The classical music and street dance worlds collide as Ashley Banjo teaches members of a youth orchestra how to bust a move in the third episode of Ashley Banjo's Sectret Street Crew. Sky customers can watch the episode in full here!

1. How do you guys all know each other?

We have been playing together in the Spires Youth Orchestra for a number of years. During our time in the orchestra we have become good friends through the orchestra’s social life and our tours.

2. Describe each other in just 3 words?

Alana – Chatty, Fun, Stubborn

Andy – Casual, Sporty, Easygoing

Adam – Organised, Awkward, Determined

Emma – Talkative, Caring, Bubbly

Ethan – Intelligent, Macho, Amusing

3. What made you want to sign up for the show?

All of us (minus Alana) are heading off to University or having a gap year soon so we wanted to do something a bit mad to mark the occasion. We think it's going to be a great way to say goodbye to each other as well as saying goodbye to our friends and family at the final performance. Doing something like this is also bound to boost our confidence which will really help with getting to know people at uni and moving forward into our adult lives.  

4. What song always gets you up and dancing at parties or on a night out?

Personally I just dance to anything when I'm on a night out, especially if I've had a few drinks. I can feel quite awkward on the dance floor and self-conscious of what other people think of my dancing.

5. What was the one thought that went through your mind when you realised it was our very own Ashley Banjo that would be tutoring you?

When I found out that Ash would be teaching us I was thrilled. We are being taught by someone who is an amazing dancer and we hoped some of his expertise and passion would rub off on us! I was worried about meeting him though because he is a daunting figure at the top of his profession. He isn’t the sort of person I would meet normally so I wasn’t sure how well we would get on, being from such contrasting lives. He’s so nice and friendly, I’m really enjoyed getting to know him.

6. Are any of you big Diversity fans?

Emma is a big Diversity fan she's seen them live and has one of their hoodies! The rest of us are not huge fans, but have seen them on TV and know about them. We all appreciate Diversity’s talents and respect them for being so dedicated and brilliant at what they do.

7. Once you’d seen the routine, how confident did you feel on a scale of 1 to 10?

5/10. After first seeing the routine I was worried because the routine is very complicated. There are a lot of stunts and some technical fast areas. Foremost, I was worried about the first half which is about expressing ourselves and letting go, I knew this would be a challenge for us as a group. I knew the group would work hard and put in the effort to the best of our abilities.

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