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Sam Craske

Born: 7th September 1990

"Dancing has kept me on the right path and has become my lifestyle. I have the pleasure of living this lifestyle with my brothers which you all know as Diversity. It is crazy how things work out, seeing as I have gone from playing football as a kid, to singing, to modelling, then to acting, then to unicylcling (I didn't actually do unicycling!) and eventually landing on dance. I have the best support that I could ever ask for from my family and friends, and all of the fans are amazing and I love you all!"

"I believe that the future for me and my team could be great! I dream of one day being able to say that I have toured the world and shared a slice of Diversity with as many people as possible!"

"Dream, Believe, Achieve is the motto, and I believe that we will work as hard as we can to achieve our dreams."

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