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Mitchell Craske

Born: 27th April 1996

"My story began when one day I turned on the television. The first thing that popped up on the screen was Justin Timberlake dancing and it instantly made me want to dance like him. So I ran up to my mum and asked her if I could take lessons."

"A few weeks later my mum found a place called Danceworks - and that is where my life began. When I arrived I met Ash and the boys, and have been dancing with them since. This story began 11 years ago when I was 5 and will carry on for the rest of my life."

A message from Mitch: "The past four years have not only changed my life's perspective, but they've also changed me as a person. I don't know what I would be doing without the fans because if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here living my dream with the closest people to me."

"We want to be able to inspire everyone, not only dancers, and to be looked up to as the best one day."

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