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Ike Chuks

Born: 7th October 1986

"I started dancing at the age of 10. In 2007, whilst I was at University studying Human Resource Management, I worked in a phone shop at Lakeside Shopping Centre. It was there that I got introduced to Ashley by a mutual friend due to his interest in dance. Ashley invited me to Dancework Studios to take part in classes and improve my dance skills. I attended and eventually became a member of Diversity."

"Dance takes me to another world. It puts me in the zone and when I'm there I forget about my troubles and I'm happy. It’s a skill I possess that will never be taken away from me."

A message from Ike: “Special thanks to all the fans and supporters who have helped me and the rest of Diversity achieve so much. As we strive to get better every year, we continue to dream, believe and stay focused on achieving. We hope all our fans do too."

"Much love, Ike”

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