Stooshe! It’s Ultimate Block Party: Episode 2

In episode two, Jordan & Perri are helping The Ilford Irish Dancers to throw their own Ultimate Block Party, with special guest stars - Stooshe!

The Irish Dancers, comprised of Mollie, 10, Ella, 9, Bonnie, 12, Caitlin, 11, Brien, 11, Amy, 10, Jonjo, 12, and Erin, 12, are a group of friends from London who have all attended an Irish Dance school for the past five years. They are used to disciplined dancing with regimented routines, where their arms have to be kept straight by their sides.

Jordan and Perri have made it their mission to get the group to adopt a more street-dance attitude, with flexible routines and moves where they can actually use their arms! Girl Band Stooshe pop along to rehearsals to give the group some last minute "street-style" advice before their performance, and the group even re-pay the favour by giving Stooshe their own Irish Dancing lesson! None of The Irish Dancers have tried street dance before, so Jordan and Perri will have to work hard to get the group to break through their strict Irish dancing mind set.

The Ilford Irish dancers, from the Maguire O’Shea Academy, met more famous faces on the show, including girl band Stooshe, who popped along to rehearsals to give them some last minute attitude advice before the performance.

In return, the Irish dancers taught the singers some of their own moves!

But learning street dance for the first time was not without its challenges for the talented youngsters. Dancer Erin, 12, said: “It was a big challenge for us to take on a completely different dance style. Being Irish dancers we weren’t used to using our arms!”

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